Kreazot Ocean Advanced

Long Moulder is for industrial toast bread producers and sort of loaves.

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• Fully AISI 304 grade stainless steel
• Fully automatic twisting and panning
• By pass of twisting station for open loaves
• Blue color cleanline belt*, coated with polyoefin material
• Better finished products
• More stabil manufacturing
• Useful for new or existing dough processing lines
• Easy in operation and cleaning


• Infeed conveyor
• Adjustable centering rollers on infeed conveyor
• Driven pressure roller adjustable by position indicator for pre-sheeting
• 3 pair of adjustable sheeter rollers** by position indicators with scrapers prevent sticking and easy cleaning
• Sheeter rollers individually driven, adjustable speed by frequency inverter
• Gear drive on rollers
• Adjustable stainless steel wire belt for pre-moulding with seperated conveyor
• Individually adjustable conveyor speed by frequency inverter
• Height adjustable fixed and motorized-conveyed combined pressure boards** folded by dashpot an upright position for easy cleaning
• Air blowing fans on sheeting rollers, pre-moulding belt and pressure board
• Stainless steel parallel adjustable side guides to fix lenght of loaves
• Knife station for complete and partial cutting
• Fully automatic twisting and panning
• Twister can be lifted up so that untwisted loaves can be by passed.
• Discharge stainless steel belt to transfer the loaves in tin
• Panning in two direction
• Electromechanical controlling unit

(*) Non-adhesive, certified food compliance HACCP system, excellent forming and durability characteristic, superior running, total food safety and hygiene, superior flexibility and mechanical resistance, long lifetime.
(**) Polyethylene antibacterial food compliance, high-impact strength, high heat stability, high wear resistance, low friction, water resistance.


Capacity Range: Up to 4.200pcs/hr, depending on weight and consistency of dough pieces
Weight Range: 200-1.200gr., depending on consistency of dough pieces
Working Width: Up to 380 mm
Power Supply: 3,47 kw
Connecting Load: 380/400V, 50-60Hz, 3 Phase
Weight,net: 1765 kg
Weight, gross (wooden crate): 2000 kg
Packing Dimensions: 1400x7000x2350 mm


• Flour duster
• Motorized-conveyed pressure board instead of fixed pressure board
• Lengthened versions are available
• For custom version applications, panner device running with magnetic stopper an tin signalisation
• PLC control

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